Hard Cover Copies for the US and UK

For readers in the US and UK, hard cover copies of “It Can’t Be You” are available with Alibris, priced at $16.37 and £10.37, respectively. Alibris.com: http://bit.ly/j15tdw Alibris UK: http://bit.ly/mnJkqQ


On Vacation

My wife and I leave for a trip to the US in a couple of weeks time. My blog posts will be infrequent for the next few months.

Please bear with me. Will be posting updates on my Facebook Page.


I had an interview recently with Sakhi Shah. I liked her last question: describe what a phrase means to you in five or less words. The answer had to be crisp, yet meaningful!

In unrelated news, It Can’t Be You is now at Rank 41 in the 18,347 titles listed under the Suspense category in Flipkart. It is still holding out its own.