Book Extracts “Lucky For Some, 13”

To give you a feel and flavour of my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” here are a few extracts:

“On the 13th floor of ‘Opulence’, Alice looked at her computer. It was past 11 p.m. on the night of September 9. The room was quiet apart from the hum of the air-conditioning. There was no news from Dash. She had called several times. Each time the recorded message told her his phone was switched off. How come? Even if he was in a meeting or likely to be unduly delayed, he would normally text her between meetings or appointments. A ping announced the arrival of a new email in her in-box.  She saw it and her blood froze as she read: Continue reading “Book Extracts “Lucky For Some, 13””

Remember Col. Belliappa?

In December 2010, my debut novel, ” It Can’t Be You” was published. A friend of mine who is a highly decorated retired Service officer with an impeccable reputation told me that I shouldn’t have portrayed Col. Belliappa in my story as a psychopath. He said psychopaths aren’t allowed to continue in the Indian Army. I said it depends on what you mean by the term psychopath. For me a psychopath is not a raving lunatic, rapist or serial killer as sometimes people understand one to be. There could well be some part of the psychopath in me and in you as well, if you go by my understanding of the term.

Recently, more than two years after the book was published, I received a mail from the same friend Continue reading “Remember Col. Belliappa?”

Don’t Forget The Heroes of 1962!

As a 11 year old in 1962, the Indo-China War made a deep impression on me. Today, exactly 50 years after that fateful day in 1962 when Chinese troops entered Indian territory, here are my thoughts, obviously gathered later after a lot of reading on the subject, through Col. Belliappa in “It Can’t Be You”. Continue reading “Don’t Forget The Heroes of 1962!”

The Book Title

“The note looked up almost accusingly at the group staring at it in shock. The Colonel’s first few words appeared to have been written in haste. Not in his clinically clean stylized handwriting. The last few words fell into an almost undecipherable scrawl which they could barely make out. It was almost illegible but it did look like the Colonel had written: “It can’t be you…”

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