“A Toast To Plum- Tribute to P.G.Wodehouse”

‎” A Toast To Plum” is my latest project and my first sally into the world of non-fiction. It is a small tribute to Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, K.B.E. one whom I consider the greatest writer of the English language. In his chosen space of comedy, there was no one to beat him. To millions of fans all over the world “Plum” was, is and will be The Master. Here then is a toast to Plum….

Book structure: Contains directory-style listing of my favourite creations by Wodehouse with my take on each of them. Covers, among others, people and places from the world of Wodehouse.

For more information on this project, please scroll down to “A Toast To Plum” in “Categories”.

5 thoughts on ““A Toast To Plum- Tribute to P.G.Wodehouse”

  1. ‎ I expect ” A Toast To Plum” (my tribute to P.G.Wodehouse) to be a directory-style listing of my favourite characters from Wodehouse, with my comments on each of them. They come from many of The Master’s various sagas and will be arranged in ten different categories. I expect the end product to be a good addition to the Wodehouse fan’s library.

  2. And WHO is your favorite character? Psmith is mine, followed closely by Gally Threepwood. Goes without saying of course that I am a big fan of Plum. I think too that he is a great writer and there is none like him. A positive magician in his usage of the English language to create humor.

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