The Paranormal

Do you believe in the paranormal? I speak from the point of view of literary writing and not from any religious point of view. I have tried to use subtle shades in the book. Is there something out there that defies description or explanation? Join the discussion in our Facebook Page for It Can’t Be You.

ICBY-An Unconventional Thriller

Is “It Can’t Be You” a whodunit? In which you keep wondering who the killer is. Is it a mystery? With a plot that makes you follow several leads. Is it historical fiction? In that the story spans historic events covering a fair amount of time. Is it a suspense story? In which you don’t know what’s coming next. Is it an action-packed thriller? That keeps you spell-bound and on the edge of your seat.

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The Traveler’s Tale

There’s an old story – origins unknown- about a traveler whose car broke down late one afternoon at the outskirts of the town. To make things worse, it was raining heavily. He got down in disgust to find that he had a flat tyre.  He was in a hurry as he had to reach town for an important meeting. He saw he was in a desolate place. An old signboard told him that the adjoining grounds  belonged to the local mental asylum.

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When Colonel Belliappa, Indian Army (Retd), a highly decorated war hero is found dying one night frothing at the mouth in anguish, there is no one else at home. Other than his immediate family. His wife, his daughter and his son.  Did he – who killed so many -kill himself or was he killed?
His death sets the clock back to his life as a career officer in the Indian Army. He fights with great valor in the 1971 war against Pakistan which leaves him physically and psychologically scarred for life. His aggression, maniacal bravery and being dispensable leads to a secret assignment. Being handpicked to command a crack team of Indian Army snipers as an irregular force to fight intruders and militants in the Kashmir Valley in 1989 . Years later, he is now a successful armaments dealer.
In the last months before his death, the Colonel finds himself in a series of conflicts with his family. Standing to gain from his death, unknown to each other, they plan to kill him separately. Does the Colonel pay the ultimate price for the spiral of vengeance he himself triggered some decades ago?