Excellent Tips on Writing That Novel

Many dream of getting their novel published, somewhere, someday. I can never forget the huge excitement I felt in November 2010 when my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” was launched. It was a dream come true. As you probably know, getting a novel published is much more difficult than it may seem to many. I learnt the hard way about the querying process, the need to write a crisp synopsis, how a back cover copy can make a huge difference to you book sales and how the book cover has a major role in the reader’s purchase decision. You will find posts on these topics in my writing blog, “Writing To Be Read.”

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Showing vs Telling- A Must Read

There are some aspects of  fiction writing  which leave the uninitiated baffled. One such is the concept of ” showing” vs “telling”. Many well-known writers have written about the need to by and large ” show” more than ” tell” in your writing. This is crucial to make what you write more interesting to your reader.

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Excellent Post from A J Humpage

Some excellent advice from A J Humpage who has been writing fiction for more than twenty years. She writes on how reading helps writers improve their writing! The best part of the article I thought was the “Questions to ask” after you have read a novel. For me, this process of seeing a novel through these questions, came as a new and interesting input. I am sure we would gain from the valuable feedback the answers to these questions would provide:

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