“Devnaa’s India:Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street Food”

“Devnaa’s India: Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street Food” by Roopa Rawal will be a welcome addition to the cookbook collection in the kitchen book shelf of those in the UK and elsewhere who are developing a new-found taste for Indian vegetarian cuisine. Continue reading ““Devnaa’s India:Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street Food””

“Christmas Mysteries”

With Christmas very much in the air, it was fitting that my reading took me to “Christmas Mysteries: Ten Excerpts To Set The Season” put together by Open Road Integrated Media. There’s something about excerpts that you may have noticed. If, like me, you enjoy mysteries, stories incomplete and the scope to figure out for yourself what happened before or after that excerpt, you will enjoy reading them. If you don’t, while they make for good reading in any case, excerpts can be annoying as you find yourself wanting more with the excerpt ending just as you got hooked to it. Continue reading ““Christmas Mysteries””

The Best of American Magazine Writing

To tell you the truth as  a kid, it was my ambition to become a journalist. I would have loved to have become one but in the India of the ’60s and ’70s where I grew up, it wasn’t considered to be a hot career. At least that was the case in my family.  I have loved and followed magazine writing over the years. As a writer myself, I have often felt the short, terse sentences and the pace of the articles written in magazines call for special skills. Some of these are  quite different from those you would need for a long novel, though basic elements of good writing would undoubtedly remain the same. Continue reading “The Best of American Magazine Writing”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers.”

As a writer there are times when you feel down, when you think you have run out of ideas and when you think things have become really tough since no one seems to be interested in your writing.  At times like this, what you could do with is some encouragement, some words of wisdom ( even if seemingly simple) , and the assurance that this is not happening only to you but to countless others in the world. It might change your perspective too when you realize that there are many facing far tougher situations than you are, or ever will. Continue reading ““Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers.””

LFS13 reviewed in Indian Book Reviews

“With a little bit of trimming here and there, and a good run-through over some details, this book can be one of the best in its genre in the country. Prem Rao has the making of an interest-creating thriller writer.”

I am happy that my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” was recently reviewed in the popular site Indian Book Reviews.

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Reader’s comment on “Lucky For Some, 13”

It’s comments like these from readers that make your day as an author. Here is what Subhash Nayak wrote on the FB Page for “Prem Rao, Storyteller.”:-
Thoroughly enjoyed “Lucky For Some, 13″ from start to finish! The vivid descriptions of each of the characters; the buildup of how certain events and people in one’s life could convert an ordinary person into a terrorist; the plot set up in Bangalore with the familiar streets and landmarks; the brutality with which the hostage situation plays out; and the nail biting operation to flush out the terrorists – all make for a very interesting thriller that quite literally is unputdownable! The epilogue is the icing on the cake as the author subtly observes that some things could, but would, never change. Look forward to the next novel :-)”

“Lucky For Some, 13” can be ordered from Amegabooks, HomeShop 18 or Flipkart amongst many on-line portals.


More Reviews of “It Can’t Be You”

My aim is to consolidate as much as I can about my books, published and to be published, in one place. Many readers, especially the newer ones may not have seen the reviews for my debut novel “It Can’t Be You”, a psychological thriller. I am putting together some links for your convenience. You can read the reviews at leisure.

Continue reading “More Reviews of “It Can’t Be You””