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  1. I must congratulate Mr. Prem Rao on his high level of story-telling talent. “It Cant be You” has a good plot and with Mr. PR’s command on the English language, it results in an interesting read. I must say that I’ve attempted to read several works by Indian authors in the past, but honestly this book is one of the first ones that I’ve actually completed…. and enjoyed!

    But I do have one suggestion for improvement – it is regarding the layout of the book. I felt that the font size was a tad small. Also, where there are conversations, I think it would be a good idea to have each person’s lines in a separate paragraph…. as opposed to the publisher packing them into one tight combined paragraph. In my opinion, these measure facilitate easier reading and greatly complete a writer’s hard work.

    We will look forward to Mr. Prem Rao’s next work “Thirteen”. Our congratulations to him once again.

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