“Lucky For Some, 13”

“Lucky For Some, Thirteen” was published by Mahaveer Publishers in December 2012. It was based on my participation in the National Novel Writing Month –NaNoWriMo- competition of November 2010.

I was one of those who successfully wrote the first 50,000 words of this novel during the calendar month of November 2010.

A terrorist plot based on the premise that the best of technology solutions in security systems crumble in the face of greed, the worst of human emotions is thwarted by another human trait-patriotism. This is the central theme of my tension-packed suspense thriller “LUCKY FOR SOME, THIRTEEN”, completed at 88,000 words.

Terror strikes in India in January 2010 result in mayhem in the sunny beaches of Goa. 65 people are left dead in a violent strike by an affiliate of the dreaded Al Qaeda. Major Mohini Nair of the National Security Guard manages to capture two of the terrorists. To release these two, the terrorists plot to take hostages for which they target Opulence, the prime residential complex in Bangalore, home to a select few of the rich and the famous. Major Mohini Nair formerly of the National Security Guard and now security advisor to a business tycoon is caught up in the whirlpool of action when her employer is one of the top industrialists held hostage. They are held captive in the thirteen floor penthouse by people you would least suspect of being fanatic extremists. The climax of the three terror-filled days in September 2010 lends credence to the old adage that, contrary to popular belief, 13 is indeed lucky for some.

For more information on this book project, please scroll down to “Lucky For Some, 13” in “Categories”.

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