“The Hit” by David Baldacci

If you like action-packed thrillers, you will enjoy, “The Hit” by David Baldacci, an acclaimed writer in this genre. The book begins with a gripping account of how a handler for the CIA, Doug Jacobs is literally shot on the job. He is killed as he directs his sniper to shoot an assigned target. Suspicion falls on Jessica Reel,  a former sniper expert in the Agency who has gone rogue. The case is assigned to Will Robie, known far and wide to be the best in his trade. Robie has to find and stop Jacobs’s killer.  Continue reading ““The Hit” by David Baldacci”

A Beta Reader On “Let The Dead Stay Dead”

I value Divakar Kaza’s opinion a lot as regards books as he is both a voracious and discerning reader. I had sent him a copy of the manuscript of my third thriller, ‘Let The Dead Stay Dead” for his comments. He was the first to see my earlier two thrillers, “It Can’t Be You” and “Lucky For Some, 13.”

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Tips for Writers from Mike Wells

There is no finish line in writing. That’s what makes it so fascinating for me. You can improve all the time, whether you are a novice or a published author. The objective of most writers is to have their stories published. This process is, as you will find out if you haven’t done so already, is a long one and is by no means as easy as it sounds.  Today, I share a few articles that caught my attention on this topic from Mike Wells, in his website/blog Mike Wells Books/The Green Water Blog.  Continue reading “Tips for Writers from Mike Wells”

Evolving As A Writer

I was reflecting the other day on how I have evolved as a writer over the last few years that I have been deeply involved in writing.  When I wrote “It Can’t Be You” my debut novel, I had no idea how it would all end but I vastly enjoyed an incredible new experience of writing a story and getting a book published.

On reflection, a few thoughts about the writing of “It Can’t Be You.”

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What Makes Me Write?

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because 763,909 people from all over the world like their Facebook Page , and hey, all of them must have found some value in it, just as I did!

What makes me write? What makes me write every day? These are the reasons why I started writing as a second career after 35 years as a business executive, the last 10 of them being an independent consultant and executive coach. Continue reading “What Makes Me Write?”

Evolving As A Thriller Writer

It’s been  over two years since my debut novel, “ It Can’t Be You”( Cedar, 2010)  was published.  Since then I have written and had published an anthology of short stories titled, ” He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories” (Smashwords, 2011) and another thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.” (Mahaveer, 2012.)

I started writing full-time rather late in life, as you might know. I was 59 when my debut novel was published. I had spent most of my working life, over 35 years,  as a Human Resources and Talent Management specialist, firstly in the corporate sector and later for a decade as an entrepreneur and independent consultant.

It was perhaps inevitable that I would be frequently asked if I had written about “People Management” or ” Organizational Development” and things of that kind. Indeed most people were shocked when they came to know that I had written fiction, and even more shocked when I told them I wrote thrillers.

I guess the urge to write thrillers came from my reading interests as a kid. I was a major fan of James Hadley Chase, Ian Fleming, Alistair MacLean, Frederick Forsyth, and Jack Higgins, to name but a few. It was natural therefore for me to attempt to write a thriller first.

What makes me, or anyone else like to write thrillers? I liked this interesting article by Matt Richtel in the New York Times. I thought about it and I can say I don’t think I had any such experiences as Matt had which influenced me to become a thriller writer.




LFS13 reviewed in Indian Book Reviews

“With a little bit of trimming here and there, and a good run-through over some details, this book can be one of the best in its genre in the country. Prem Rao has the making of an interest-creating thriller writer.”

I am happy that my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” was recently reviewed in the popular site Indian Book Reviews.

Please do leave your comments on their website. Thank you.

Characters in “Lucky For Some, 13.”

If you have read my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” released in December 2012, you might like to try this quiz I have put together for you about the characters in “Lucky For Some, 13” on Goodreads. 

In earlier posts, I have introduced you to some of the characters here and here.

But where do these characters come from? The author’s mind and what he/she has observed over time. You may remember someone you knew years ago or someone who you met recently. It could be someone you know or merely some one you caught a fleeting glimpse of. That’s what makes crafting a character so fascinating for me.

Here are some snippets and thoughts that went into my mind while creating these characters:

  • At a wedding reception, I saw an American lady with mehndi on her hands and dressed in a sari. She actually carried it off very well and you will find some of this in a description of Alice Hatchman.
  • To make Mohini a stronger character, I had to tone down Dash’s character in describing their relationship. He has his own strengths but they do not include physical combat!
  • Many of the aspects of life for the “support staff” in luxury apartment complexes such as the drivers, nannies and the like come from my own observations and stories I have heard.
  • I like to think that all my characters are totally believable and there is nothing unrealistic about even one of them. I lay great emphasis on having credible characters, be they in ” good” or “bad” roles.

If you haven’t read “Lucky For Some, 13” yet, order it from Flipkart, where it is currently sandwiched between titles by Lee Child and Karin Slaughter to be #631 out of the 17857 titles listed in the category: Suspense & Thrillers.

Editing “Let The Dead Stay Dead”

A writing project I am currently engaged in is the editing of my third thriller, “Let The Dead Stay Dead.” I found it quite fascinating to return to this manuscript which had been put on the back burner in October 2012. You may recall that I had written the first 50,000 words for “Let The Dead Stay Dead” during NaNoWriMo of 2011. Continue reading “Editing “Let The Dead Stay Dead””