Ordering My Books

It’s been a while since I took stock of the convenient ways in which readers can order my published books. After all, they were written and published at different points in time, and by different publishers, and in different formats.

  • “It Can’t Be You” was my debut novel, published in December 2010. You can order this from Amazon’s Kindle Store.
  • ” He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories”, published in 2011,  can be downloaded from Smashwords.
  • “Lucky For Some, 13” published in December 2012 can be had from Amazon.com if you are residing out of India.  In India, you could order it from HomeShop 18 or Flipkart or Amazon.in
  • ” Let The Dead Stay Dead” published in 2013, can be downloaded from Wattpad. 

Do let me know what you thought of my books after you have read them.  Your feedback and reviews would be much appreciated.

My Books on Flipkart

If someone asks you in India, ” Where are your books available?” “You can order them online at Flipkart,” is a safe answer. Both my thrillers, “It Can’t Be You” and ” Lucky For Some, 13″ are available on Flipkart, indeed as they are on Amazon India and elsewhere.

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Ordering My Books From The USA : Amazon.com

Thanks to Amazon.com, we now have more options for readers in the United States to buy my books.

As before, the Kindle edition of “It Can’t Be You” is available, as now is a paperback version.

Likewise, for the first time, you can order a paperback version of my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.”

For your convenience, the links are here in my Author Page in Amazon.com.

I hope you will enjoy my books, and leave a review. Thank you!

Ordering “Lucky For Some, 13” and “It Can’t Be You”

I met some old friends recently and we were chatting about my books, my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” and my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.” They wanted to know where the books would be available online, which is where many people seem to do their shopping these days. This spurred me to update information on where my books can be ordered. Continue reading “Ordering “Lucky For Some, 13” and “It Can’t Be You””

Characters in “Lucky For Some, 13.”

If you have read my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” released in December 2012, you might like to try this quiz I have put together for you about the characters in “Lucky For Some, 13” on Goodreads. 

In earlier posts, I have introduced you to some of the characters here and here.

But where do these characters come from? The author’s mind and what he/she has observed over time. You may remember someone you knew years ago or someone who you met recently. It could be someone you know or merely some one you caught a fleeting glimpse of. That’s what makes crafting a character so fascinating for me.

Here are some snippets and thoughts that went into my mind while creating these characters:

  • At a wedding reception, I saw an American lady with mehndi on her hands and dressed in a sari. She actually carried it off very well and you will find some of this in a description of Alice Hatchman.
  • To make Mohini a stronger character, I had to tone down Dash’s character in describing their relationship. He has his own strengths but they do not include physical combat!
  • Many of the aspects of life for the “support staff” in luxury apartment complexes such as the drivers, nannies and the like come from my own observations and stories I have heard.
  • I like to think that all my characters are totally believable and there is nothing unrealistic about even one of them. I lay great emphasis on having credible characters, be they in ” good” or “bad” roles.

If you haven’t read “Lucky For Some, 13” yet, order it from Flipkart, where it is currently sandwiched between titles by Lee Child and Karin Slaughter to be #631 out of the 17857 titles listed in the category: Suspense & Thrillers.

Ordering My Books

I am not really sure which of the bookstores have my books in stock. Many have them, some don’t. It’s very difficult to keep track. However, it is far easier for an author to provide links to on-line portals where the time to deliver is clearly stated. So, here goes as I try to put together all the links I came across, which you can use to order my books. Terms and conditions as also the prices do vary, but this may be useful to readers:- Continue reading “Ordering My Books”

A Very Proud Moment

My debut novel, a psychological thriller called , “It Can’t Be You” was published in November 2009. It was based on a story I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2oo9.  One of the proudest moments in my life was when I found the book listed under “Suspense” in the popular on-line book store, Flipkart.

On March 20, 2011, it was ranked 33 out of 17,400 titles in the “Suspense” category. More importantly, I was proud to see the authors whose titles figures in Ranks 21 to 40 included:- Ruskin Bond, David Baldacci, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, John Grisham, Robin Cook, Lee Child, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, John Le Carre, Prem Rao, Harlen Coben, Greg Isles, Mario Puzo, and Daniel Silva.