Extracts From My Books

The following extracts are from “It Can’t Be You” my debut novel.


It was about 7.00 in the morning but Elena slept on with a headache. She sensed rather than saw the man approach her. She could see the shadow spread across the wall. WTF she thought! Who the hell was this and what was he up to? And was that something in his hand? A knife or a gun? He looked sinister creeping up towards her as she slept. From the way he moved stealthily towards her, it seemed he was sure she was fast asleep. Actually she was watching his progress across the room holding her breath. No, it wasn’t a gun or a knife after all. It was a small packet in his right hand. Who was he and what was he carrying, she wondered, pretending to be deep in sleep.


One of our prisoners whined after I had broken two of his fingers. “Tell me what you know” I said “otherwise I will break the other three over the next two days. You see the bucket of water here. It is to keep you awake and make sure you don’t faint. Now sing, my friend”. He looked down and said in a low voice “Sir, we were told by our friends in POK to be very careful because a madman called Black Eyes had been specially hired to catch and kill us.” “What do you know about him?’ I asked. A kick with my heavy boots crunched the bones in his knees. He howled in pain. “Not much, sir.  We were only warned that Black Eyes was totally insane” he whimpered before he collapsed in pain.  I gulped. Was that how I was seen by others? Was I that crazy? I wondered.


“The trouble with people like you, Belli” said Colonel Sinha when I met him in 1985 “is that you would like the war to go on forever. You revel in fighting every day. For people like you the high of combat can never be got in an ordinary day. But those years are long gone by. You were born a few decades late, my dear chap. You would have loved fighting in the Second World War…”

One thought on “Extracts From My Books

  1. Your allusion to the psych thriller genre got me to the site.
    The mention of Kashmir/Pak-India relations got me wary.

    But gosh, you have no idea how glad I am that political history only seems to serve as a context for the story. For a moment I dreaded that this would be an unfortunate case of India-rocks-everyone else-sucks jingoism. *heaves a gigantic sigh of relief for diplomacy* 😉

    I’m glad my assumptions lasted only a few seconds, at least per the extracts. Looking forward to snapping it up when its Kindle-friendly version appears!

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