Ordering My Books: An Update

As you know, most people seem to order stuff online, including books.  A few days ago someone asked me just where my books were available and this led me to check the online portals offering my books.

Here are some of the links , should you wish to order them:-

“Lucky For Some, 13”  from Flipkart, Amazon, Sapna Online, AbeBooks.com , Book Mandi

“It Can’t Be You” from Flipkart, Amazon Kindle Store, AbeBooks.com

Happy reading! I would love to hear from you…

“Tiger Hills” by Sarita Mandanna

Delighted to read, “Tiger Hills” by Sarita Mandanna, a book which received highly favourable reviews considering it was a debut novel. Set in Coorg, one of my favourite parts of India, the book is the story of a family of Coorgs ( yes, the people are /were called “Coorgs” and not “Coorgis” as often they wrongly are) spread over three generations. Continue reading ““Tiger Hills” by Sarita Mandanna”