“Rahul Dravid:Timeless Steel” An Anthology of Articles from ESPN CricInfo

Rahul Dravid is my favourite cricketer and you can imagine the excitement with which I recently read, “Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel” an anthology of 30 articles about him published by ESPN CricInfo in 2012. What makes it interesting is that pieces have been contributed not only by sports journalists who have followed his cricketing career for long, but also by others including his wife! Continue reading ““Rahul Dravid:Timeless Steel” An Anthology of Articles from ESPN CricInfo”

“Mumbai Fables” by Gyan Prakash

It calls for special skills to write a scholarly research-based non-fiction book and make it as interesting as a work of fiction. Gyan Prakash, the Dayton-Stockton Professor of History at Princeton University has done just that in his book, “Mumbai Fables.” I loved reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in recent Indian history. Befitting the work of a scholar, the book is replete with references and citations to back the story of a city that has often been called, “India’s City of Dreams.” For hundreds of years now the erstwhile Bombay, now called Mumbai, was every man’s dream. Thousands flocked there every day, as indeed they do even today, to seek their fortunes, fueled perhaps by the glamour provided by “Bollywood” or the Hindi film industry.

Continue reading ““Mumbai Fables” by Gyan Prakash”

The Shakespeare Selfie & The American Civil War

This tweet I saw recently was truly eye-catching. Shakespeare and a selfie? I was enlightened when I opened the site referred to. The goal in the Shakespeare Selfie Challenge being organised in Canada is to write a soliloquy about a chosen subject in the manner of a character from Shakespeare in 200-400 words. This contest is open to kids in Grades 7-9 and 10-12. This sounds interesting and I would love some day to read the prize-winning effort. Continue reading “The Shakespeare Selfie & The American Civil War”