Story Openings

To be honest, I didn’t quite realize the significance of the first few lines of the story until I became serious about learning to write. To justify my point, let me ask you something. You have read hundreds of books. How many first lines do you remember?  Probably none, might be an honest answer.  However, if you think about it deeply, if you are in the business of writing

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Nathan Bransford on Finding a Literary Agent

Nathan Bransford needs no introduction. His is a very popular blog. It also has a forum where you can share and gain a lot through interacting with many others. In this 2008 post, he writes of what he calls a basic step Finding a Literary Agent.  I am sure you will find this as useful as I did.

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MacGregor on “Choosing an Agent”

Chip MacGregor started MacGregor Literary in Hillsboro, OR  and has been in the business for a long time.  Like many literary agents who share their experiences, Chip too offers useful advice to budding authors who dream of getting their work published. Read what he has to say on ” Choosing An Agent “. It covers a lot of ground on

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