Agent Query- A Comprehensive Resource

There are lists of literary agents, there are forums for you to participate in and there are a million useful things you can pick up by reading stuff at Agent Query. AQ Connect  takes you into a world where many like you share their problems, their views, their frustrations ( about writing , of course) and give you a lot of feedback.  Jump in and check it out.

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Best Tweets for Writers

Here’s a link that would be interesting to track. Apparently every Sunday, Jane Friedman, publisher and editorial director of the Writer’s Digest community,  puts together some of the best tweets for writers that she has seen over the last week. Continue reading “Best Tweets for Writers”

Sentence Length- “Stepping Down”

The pace of the story is dictated by the sentence length. Not  just the words used. This thought occurred to me as I sat reviewing something that I had written.  Here’s the context. The good guy in a story is an a jam. He has to extricate himself from a difficult situation. He has to throw off his trail a man who is following him some distance away by assaulting him when he least expects it. Here we go then:

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Novel or Query? Which Is More Difficult?

Which is more difficult to write? Novel or query? No prizes for guessing! It has to be the query!! As the days go by, I discover that writing a 80,000 word novel was so much easier than writing a query. I would like to share my learnings for the benefit of others who might be in a similar position – now or later:

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Guide To Literary Agents

Until some months ago, I had only a very hazy idea of who literary agents were and of their role in the publishing business. I always thought of them as being representatives of publishers who scout for writing talent. Now that I have written my first- as yet unpublished- novel titled ” It Can’t Be You” all of a sudden, I am in the process of discovering just how important literary agents are. I understand that very, very few authors get their work published directly by large publishing houses without being represented by a literary agent.

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