Short Stories or Novels?

Is it necessary that you should write short stories before embarking on a novel? Must you have adequate practice in the skills of writing before you begin that magnum opus you were always dreaming about? Like many I started off by writing short stories. They took less time and could be completed fairly swiftly. Frankly, they were easier to write.

In A  Books Blog- A Blog About Books, I came across an article that addresses this issue. The main take away from Randy- write what you want to write!

I guess the challenges are very different though the fundamental principles of writing are quite the same. I found that the need for sharper editing was naturally more pronounced for a short story because you had length as a constraint. I also realized that the matter you need for a novel is far more- which means more meticulous research and taking pains to make sure you get your facts right.

I guess good writers are equally at home in both short stories and novels- that’s why they are good writers in the first place.

What has been your experience?

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