Militancy in Kashmir

63 years after the ruler signed an accession treaty to join India, militancy in Kashmir continues to be in the news. Yesterday, separatist leaders from Kashmir took the battle to the capital by having a meeting in Delhi with the agenda of  “Azadi -The Only Way”. They want Kashmir to break away from the Indian state.

In other developments, 2 militants of the Jaish-e-Mohammed militant outfit were killed in Srinagar after a protracted battle with the security forces. Such incidents have been happening often over the last many years.

Militancy started in the Kashmir valley propped up with insurgency from across the borders way back in the late ’80s.  In this novel, Col. Belliappa is handpicked to lead a team of Indian Army snipers to fight insurgency there from 1989 to 1992.

One thought on “Militancy in Kashmir

  1. Dear Mr Prem Rao,
    Greetings!! I am eagerly looking forward to reading “It can’t be you”. It covers hot topics like Militancy in Kashmir. Besides going thru “Recent Posts” has made me interested in reading the whole novel. It is really nice to know that you have taken to writing novels. Regards, Kamlesh Mehrotra

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