NaNoWriMo, So Far So Good!

I first thought of what I would write for this year’s NaNoWriMo when I was recuperating after my heart bypass surgery in July 2010. I was advised to walk about for a little while every day, starting  with 3 minutes and going on to reach 45 minutes, which is now the prescribed duration of my daily walk- for as long as I live! While walking I naturally thought of NaNo 2010 and a few ideas came to me which looked quite promising.

My story for this year is called ” Lucky For Some, Thirteen”. It is set in my home town of Bangalore. The title is derived from the call when the dice rolls out number 13 in a popular game called Bingo or Housie, depending on which part of the world you are in. In my story, most of the climax takes place in the 13th floor penthouse of a super luxury apartment complex where live some of the richest and most influential Bangloreans!

I’ll tell you the story some other time. As a matter of fact, I want this to be my second novel after It Can’t Be You which is being published in early December 2010. This was my effort in NaNo 2009.

NaNo 2010 is going well for me. So far so good, as they say. I have hit the 16,000 word mark and should be able to do 50, ooo by the end of November quite comfortably.

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