Jaipur Literature Festival

Everyone but everyone is speaking of JLF or to the uniatiated  the Jaipur Literature Festival. There are innumerable tweets about it. There are shows on national TV channels and the newspapers have reserved lots of space to report the highlights of this interesting literary feast. It is fast becoming South Asia’s leading literary event. It draws many associated with literature: writers, poets, lyricists, publishers and readers too of course from all parts of the world. Continue reading “Jaipur Literature Festival”

Launch at Reliance TimeOut postponed

It Can’t Be You was to be launched on January 22 at the Reliance TimeOut chain of stores. We were quite excited in anticipation of the event. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the event as on that day, a call was made for a Karnataka Bandh. There was no point having a launch late in the evening with sparse attendance.

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