Year End Stock Take As A Writer

I began as a writer of fiction. Like many others, I started with short stories and it was in 2009 that I took the plunge and dived in deep into fiction with a full-fledged 80,000 + words novel called ” It Can’t Be You.” ‘This was a psychological thriller, first published in November 2010. Most people who knew me were initially surprised that with a background and experience in management, I had opted to write fiction. They expected I would write a treatise on people management or even some kind of  collection of my experiences as a human resources professional for over three and a half decades. Continue reading “Year End Stock Take As A Writer”

Suspense & Thrillers

It looks like the popular Flipkart has merged “Suspense” and “Thrillers” into one new category recently. “It Can’t Be You” used to figure in the “Suspense” category. I now find that it ranks 400 within a larger merged new category called “Suspense & Thrillers” which has 42,570 titles.

On Writing

Today I decided to share some thoughts on a subject that interests me vastly, on writing. When I became a corporate executive, I remember at the start of my career, I was told that I had to forget all that I had been taught about writing. The demands of writing in the world of business were quite different from writing in literature or fiction, I was told. It took me some time to get used to the idea. Continue reading “On Writing”

Tips on Editing A Novel

I have always maintained that it is relatively easy to write a novel. It’s far more difficult to edit one! I wonder if you agree with me on this. Editing is not restricted to correcting the typos and checking the punctuation. It’s a time-consuming, concentrated effort to make the book a better, more absorbing  read for your readers. After all, the book is meant for them, right? Continue reading “Tips on Editing A Novel”