Year End Stock Take As A Writer

I began as a writer of fiction. Like many others, I started with short stories and it was in 2009 that I took the plunge and dived in deep into fiction with a full-fledged 80,000 + words novel called ” It Can’t Be You.” ‘This was a psychological thriller, first published in November 2010. Most people who knew me were initially surprised that with a background and experience in management, I had opted to write fiction. They expected I would write a treatise on people management or even some kind of  collection of my experiences as a human resources professional for over three and a half decades.Since “It Can’t Be You”, I have published my second book called “He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories“, a collection of short stories set in contemporary India. The contract has been signed for my third book, again a thriller, called ” Lucky For Some, Thirteen” which should be published around August 2012. I am working on my fourth book, a thriller once more, called “Let The Dead Stay Dead”, which I hope to have published in 2013.

Fiction apart, I am working on my first foray into non-fiction by way of a book based on the works of a writer, I admire immensely: P.G.Wodehouse. This is a very exciting project for me as I have been a major fan of his for over four decades.

We next come to my latest interest, which is narrative non-fiction. Sometimes this is called “creative non-fiction” but I would rather stay with narrative non-fiction since the creative bit suggests that one can make up things as one goes along. To my mind, narrative non-fiction is a style of writing non-fiction in which you would build the story, without taking away from the facts of the case. You would write about what the character said, felt or experienced, in the same manner you would do for fiction, with the important difference that you would represent facts truly.

As Don Hewitt, the creator of the famous television show “60 Minutes” said ” It’s four little words. Tell me a story.” Here is Jessica Faust of Book Ends, the literary agency, on narrative non-fiction. I understand that character development and the plot become as important as they would in writing fiction.

I am on the look out for an exciting topic for a narrative non-fiction project. I hope I find one soon!

2 thoughts on “Year End Stock Take As A Writer

  1. I am a literary agent. I would certainly like to work with you. There are certain topics I have in mind for narrative non-fiction which I would like to discuss. May I inquire who are your publishers? I hope you will visit my website to know more about me. I look forward to hearing from you.



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