What Makes Me Write?

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because 763,909 people from all over the world like their Facebook Page , and hey, all of them must have found some value in it, just as I did!

What makes me write? What makes me write every day? These are the reasons why I started writing as a second career after 35 years as a business executive, the last 10 of them being an independent consultant and executive coach.

  • It gives me great joy to put my thoughts on paper. Despite my background which I have briefly described, I haven’t written any treatise on management. I have mostly written fiction, and that too thrillers!
  • I loved storytelling from my childhood. I was a voracious reader as a kid and continue to be one in my 60s. The art of telling stories, to my mind, is a gift given to some. I believe I am lucky to have some proficiency in this, which I hope my readers will agree that I do.
  • My interests in areas like the military and human psychology helped me develop my characters in the books I have written. It has sharpened my sensitivity to human emotions and suffering. I realize that no one is totally bad or exceptionally good. Every one of us has some elements of the bad and the good within us.
  • Both “It Can’t Be You” ( December 2010) and “Lucky For Some, 13” ( December 2012) have been thrillers, thus fulfilling a childhood dream when I promised myself that if at all I wrote some day, I would write a thriller.
  • At this stage of my life, I thoroughly enjoy being a full-time writer. I am an active blogger besides, with three  active blogs where I post on average once a week. This keeps my mind agile and busy.
  • I love learning new things and being an author has opened many new doors for me. I made a book trailer video all by myself which gave me a huge thrill as I am normally rather technically challenged.

Sure, there’s so much more for me to achieve, so many ongoing projects to complete. But I am enjoying every moment of my life as an a writer, and that’s immensely important for me.

If you want to be writer too, I would suggest you look at this collection of advice put together by Maria Popova at BrainPickings. It’s called, “Famous Advice On Writing: The Collected Wisdom Of Great Writers.”

I would be delighted if I have in some small way, been able to persuade you to take to writing, as a hobby, at first, if not as a career later.

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