With A Little Help From My Friends

Do you remember that old Beatles song, “With A Little Help From My Friends” which came out way back in ’67? I liked this song a lot and later another version of it by Joe Cocker who sang it in Woodstock in ’69. You may wonder what this has to do with writing or books, and I don’t blame you! Coming to the point, have you ever asked yourself how you can help your author friends? If you wish to, that is.

As an author myself, I have often wondered if I have adequately leveraged the reach and social media presence and influence of my friends and in turn whether they have done their bit for me.

This made me all the more interested to read this article in The Huffington Post by Dorie Clark, “10 Ways To Help Your Favourite Author.”

To her list I would add that enormously powerful method of influence: “word of mouth.” The very fact that you tell someone you recommend a book because you read and enjoyed it makes it all the more significant.

So, if you have authors as friends, you know what you can do to give their work a ” plug” as we would say in today’s social media language.

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