Secrets of an Acquisitions Editor

It’s every writer’s dream to grab the attention of an acquisitions editor in a successful publishing house for his/her book. Heaps of effort and huge amounts of time have gone into the making of the book, the next step is to get it noticed by those who matter.Many of us writers take a shot at the dark, pitching indiscriminately to all and sundry, without a clue on what a good acquisitions editor really looks for. Naturally, publishers have their own nuance, they specialize in some genres, or support a particular type of writing, but the fundamentals, I would imagine, largely hold good across all types of books.

If you want to know what a successful acquisitions editor looks for, here’s a golden opportunity for you to sit in on a webinar featuring Michael Szczerban, Editor at Simon and Schuster. As an aside, the mystery of how you pronounce his last name was solved by his volunteering that it is ” Zur-ban.” For me, Simon & Schuster will always be associated with my favourite author, as they used to publish P. G. Wodehouse.

In this webinar, Michael will reveal key tips on presenting yourself and your book to grab an editor’s attention. He offers valuable insight and practical advice to help you get your book noticed–whether you are pitching an agent, an editor or trying to engage a consumer.

You can register for this webinar which will be of great benefit to those who wish to understand how a book gets picked for publishing. Also, how you can get your work noticed by the guy who matters, the acquisitions editor.

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