Tips for Writers from Mike Wells

There is no finish line in writing. That’s what makes it so fascinating for me. You can improve all the time, whether you are a novice or a published author. The objective of most writers is to have their stories published. This process is, as you will find out if you haven’t done so already, is a long one and is by no means as easy as it sounds.  Today, I share a few articles that caught my attention on this topic from Mike Wells, in his website/blog Mike Wells Books/The Green Water Blog. 

A Dozen Reasons Books Are Rejected By Agents and Editors makes interesting reading. I believe it is a comprehensive list of the most common- and dreadful- mistakes writers make.

You should also bookmark Mike’s Advice For Writers, which I found very useful. Mike is a successful writer of  thrillers and teaches part- time in the Creative Writing course at the University of Oxford.

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