A Beta Reader On “Let The Dead Stay Dead”

I value Divakar Kaza’s opinion a lot as regards books as he is both a voracious and discerning reader. I had sent him a copy of the manuscript of my third thriller, ‘Let The Dead Stay Dead” for his comments. He was the first to see my earlier two thrillers, “It Can’t Be You” and “Lucky For Some, 13.”

I was delighted to find that this was what he posted on my Facebook Page:

“Let the Dead stay Dead – Prem Rao

Prem Rao ( BP Rao/BP/BPR/Prem – whichever name you know him by) was my exboss in Wipro ( 1988-90), then well wisher and good friend for life. Unlike most retired HR professionals who pester their juniors for consulting work, Prem took the unusual path of becoming a prolific blogger and thriller writer. He has two successful best sellers to his credit. ( It can’t be you / Lucky for Some 13). Set in contemporary India, his books are rich in detailing of characters ( that naturally comes to a seasoned HR pro), well researched and racy.

There is also a lesson to be learnt for all ageing professionals in their sunset years at the cusp of retirement. Time to rediscover your talents and reinvent yourself and lead an exciting and fulfilling retired life rather than moping about ‘those were the days’.

I had the privilege of reading his third book which is yet to be published. LET THE DEAD STAY DEAD. I am one of the very few who gets the book before it goes into publication for comments / additional input…It is unfair to write a review of a book which is yet to be published….except that I will say that it is as gripping as the previous two and also Prem ventures into totally new and uncharted territories of human behavior. Watch Out…Would come out in the next six months…till then, stew in anticipation!”

This is very encouraging indeed!


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