#Writing: A Hashtag to Follow on Twitter

Most authors are on Twitter these days. You have to be, to tell the world about your writing and learn from others how they improve their writing skills. I follow the hashtag #writing very closely. I must confess that I have gained a lot from simply reading the links provided after the tweets with this hashtag. I have also developed my social network in the process. More than anything else, I love the learning bit as we come across interesting information and perspectives linked to this hashtag.

Here are a few examples, to encourage you to try:

  • From The Author’s Secret, here’s a post on how “Wordy Phrases Slow Your Writing.” It’s amazing that it’s the small things that miss our attention and become habits which are difficult to toss out once you are stuck with them. What are some of the bad habits that have crept into your writing? How can you overcome them?
  • The appeal for writing memoirs and the publishing options have grown in recent years says Elizabeth Olson in the New York  Times. As I mentioned in my recent talk to a group on “The Joys of Writing”, there was a time when you had to be very famous to write your memoirs. Now a days every man and his uncle is writing his. When do we get to see your memoirs?
  • Melissa Foster gives tips on “Pushing Past Procrastination”. This is something that affects writers all the time. Foster, author of international best sellers shares what works for her. See if you can make these can work for you too.

Writing is not just fun, it is serious business. Many have faltered by the wayside because they thought it was just one and not the other. It is both.

Following the #writing hashtag on Twitter will make you a sharper writer.

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