To Be A Better Writer

Who doesn’t want to be a better writer? However great you think you are, there’s always scope to improve your writing further. I would like to share a few interesting blog posts full of sensible advice to writers and would be writers:- Read “The One Book That Shines” which details the 5 Characteristics Of A Great Book.  The first fact mentioned puts things in perspective. Most literary agents receive 2000 or more submissions every year and only 1 % of the agent’s “slush pile” is rewarded with an offer of representation.  Also that publishing is a business like any other where the owner of the publishing firm wishes to see fair return on his investment. Keep these two points in mind whenever you sit down to write. You cannot afford to forget them.

Interested in writing crime fiction? Is there anything in particular you would do well to keep in mind? Find out from the author and blogger, Molly Greene’s blog where she quotes police forensic expert Garry Rodgers in this article on “5 Killer Tips For Writing Deadly Crime Fiction.” Rodgers is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police homicide detective and knows what he is talking about based on solid professional experience.

The last tip for the day is an infographic from which explains how writing affects your brain. The biggest takeaways for me were that writing helps improve your memory, which is something I could do with. Also why it is important to avoid clichés. ( I am learning, folks. I almost wrote a cliché “like the plague” at the end of the last sentence!)


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