On My Reading List

I am one of those voracious readers who not only reads all the time but reads several books at a time. I enjoy the variety in dipping into one book which may be quite different from the other. Here are the books that I am currently reading :-


  1. ” The Accidental Apprentice” by Vikas Swarup. This was published in 2013. You will remember Swarup as being the author of “Slumdog Millionaire” which was adapted to become a block buster movie. I have read 118 out of the 436 pages and find it interesting. It is set in contemporary India which is a setting I enjoy reading about.  Already a few lines stay imprinted in my mind, such as, ” In life you never get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” I shall write my review of this book in due course of time. By the way, in case you don’t know, apart from being an author, Vikas Swarup is a career Foreign Service officer and currently the Spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. I am on the verge of completing  “Thankless in Death” by J D Robb, the pseudonym of best-selling US author Nora Roberts. This was the first book I read by her and I was impressed. Lt Eve Dallas of the Homicide Squad of the New York Police and Security Dept, is quite a character as is the 26-year-old perpetual loser, Jerald Reinhold, who murders his parents amongst others and sets Dallas off on a manhunt which ends in a thrilling finish.  I hope to read more from J D Robb in the future.
  3. Set in very different times is the third book that I am reading, ” Indian Summer” by Alex von Tunzelmann which has the byline  “The Secret History of the End of An Empire. ” As you would imagine it is about the days leading up to the Partition of India and has as its central characters, amongst others, Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, and of course, Mahatma Gandhi. The book was published in 2007. Lawrence James. the author of ” The Last Days of The Raj” describes this book, ” Alex von Tunzelmann has produced a superb account of an event that still has the power to shock; her lucid and even -handed narrative guides us safely through the excitements and complexities of the period.” I have just started on the book and the beginning sounds very promising!

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