Serial Fiction: Can It Work?

From my reading, I believe the jury is still out on the question, “Can Serial Fiction Work?” As you know, serial fiction is a form of writing in which a novel is published in parts spread over time. Readers of early literature would know that authors like Charles Dickens were among the pioneers of this form of writing way back in Victorian Times. “Dombey and Son”, for example, appeared in serial form, hold your breath, 170 years ago!! That’s right. This story was written by Dickens in 1846. Thanks to theater historian, Kristan Tetens for her tweet which sent me racing to “Victorian Serial Novels.” 

Moving to present times, I was impressed by Lisa Manterfield’s offering of her free serial novel, “A Strange Companion.” . This set me thinking. Why don’t I try my hand at writing a serial novel, I asked myself.

Tom Farr writes in Medium about , ” 4 Reasons To Write Serial Fiction.” I was quite fascinated by the idea.

I have always loved to experiment and learn new things, even in the field of writing. My first two novels, “It Can’t Be You” and “Lucky For Some, 13” were published in the traditional way by publishers in India.

I also posted an anthology of short stories titled, “He Sees Everything & Other Stories” as an e-book  in Smashwords. Next came Wattpad where I published my third novel, “Let The Dead Stay Dead”. My learning from there: I should have serialized that novel.

I now aim to give writing serial fiction a shot. I have started by publishing Part 1 of a short story, “A Day The Mall” in Medium. Please do check it out and let me know what you think of it.

I am considering serializing the same story on this blog too!







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