“Strangers” by C L Taylor

Strangers” is the first book I read by Ms C L Taylor and I must say that I look forward to reading more from her. I understand she has written many books.  Like her books, she has made a mystery of her name too, it would appear. In the realm of romantic comedy, she is well-known as Cally Taylor, becoming C L Taylor when she writes psychological thrillers!

This story is set in Bristol and is built around three main characters. The first amongst them is Alice Fletcher, a 46 year old manager of a fashionable shop at the mall whose husband left her two years ago.  She now wonders if she has found true love when she meets the elusive Simon whom she finds extremely attractive. She wishes to develop this relationship much against the advice of her daughter, Emily.

The second, Gareth Filer is a security supervisor whose father left the family years ago. He now looks after his aged mother who suffers from dementia and has been unwell since long. A mistake on his part makes him open to being blackmailed by a colleague at work.

The third, Ursula Andrews is a compulsive shoplifter who ekes out a living as a private courier trying to make a new life after the turmoil following the death of her lover. A series of events make her suspicious of Edward, who has helped her by renting a room to her when she was desperate.

Taylor spins an interesting plot which holds you spell bound. The stories of the above three characters are skillfully woven together to make very interesting reading. Each of them does not really know the other, though they are brought together in a gripping climax.

I shall certainly add C L Taylor to the list of authors whose books I would gladly add to my reading list.

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