O for Onoda # A to Z Challenge

O for me today is for Onoda. In case you don’t know who he is, I don’t blame you one bit. If you are a World War freak like me, you might remember that Hiroo Onoda  of the Imperial Japanese Army was one of the last to surrender. Some days ago there was a discussion about the Second World War amongst my group of friends. The question of discipline, service to a cause, and patriotism as defined by themselves came up for discussion. When we spoke of the determination of the Japanese, for example, to fight to the very end, we had to talk about Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who fought on long after Japan had officially surrendered. He finally surrendered in 1974.

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N for New York #A to Z Challenge

In 2011, my wife and I got the opportunity to visit the United States where we spent three  months travelling from one end of the continent to another. We went as far north as tha Niagara Falla in the state of New York, to Florida in the South, from Boston in the East to San Francisco in the West. One of the highlights of out trip was the few days we spent in New York so for me today, N is for New York.

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K for Konkani. #A to Z Challenge

For me, K is for Konkani. In case you are foxed, never having the word before, let me say that it is a language spoken in a few parts of India and happens to my mother tongue. While jobs and career opportunities have taken Konkani folk to all parts of the country, and indeed the globe, it is largely restricted to the States of Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala.  They say that Konkani is more akin to Sanskrit than any other language spoken today.

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G for Generals: #A to Z Challenge

For me today, G is for Generals because of my deep interest in military history. I am often asked how I developed such an interest despite never having served in the defence services. It’s not that I came from a family with a military background either though my grandfather went to Mesopotamia (as it was then known) during the First World War as a doctor with the old IMS in the British Indian Army. His son became a doctor like him and maintained the tradition, this time serving in the jungles of Burma during the Second World War. His brother served for many years in the Indian Navy being one of the earliest fliers in the Fleet Air Arm.

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F for Fiction : #A to Z Challenge

As a writer, for me F is for Fiction. You know as well as I do as to what is fiction and what is not.  What impresses me most about fiction, both as a reader as well as a writer, is how the writer crafts a story using his/her imagination. There are all kinds of stories. Fast-paced thrillers, melodramatic romances, and of course  humorous ones like those written by one whom I consider to be the finest writer of the English language, Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. To each his own. There are different genres which could appeal to you. About. com has this article which could help you to choose a particular genre.

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