F for Fiction : #A to Z Challenge

As a writer, for me F is for Fiction. You know as well as I do as to what is fiction and what is not.  What impresses me most about fiction, both as a reader as well as a writer, is how the writer crafts a story using his/her imagination. There are all kinds of stories. Fast-paced thrillers, melodramatic romances, and of course  humorous ones like those written by one whom I consider to be the finest writer of the English language, Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. To each his own. There are different genres which could appeal to you. About. com has this article which could help you to choose a particular genre.

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Inspired by Irving Wallace

Irving Wallace was a top selling author and I vividly remember some of his books from the ’70s like ” The Prize”.  He inspired many, like me , to write based on our imagination. One of his outstanding quotes was:  “You need not have lived something to see it, to write about it. You were provided with imagination. Use it. Da Vinci did not have to attend the Last Supper to paint it.”