“The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz

I have always been partial to stories written in the first person, and “The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz is one such. The beginning of the story is dramatic enough to grab your attention.  A young woman, Tanya Dubois who tells her story in the book sees her husband, who is much older to her, fall to his death. Was she involved in his death? She assures us she wasn’t but who is to know the truth? Tanya flees from the house grabbing just a few essentials. You would think she does this so that she is not blamed for her husband’s death. You could be right but she fears more than anything else that the police may dig into her past and investigate what she hopes she has buried behind her forever. Continue reading ““The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz”

More Tips For Writers

Sharing some of the interesting blog posts and articles I came across in the last few days. I hope you will find them as useful as I did.

Are you strapped for time? Juggling too many activities which bring down your efficiency as a writer? Hear what Daphne Gray-Grant has to say in, “11 Ways To Be Devilishly More Productive.” I have always felt that editing is a crucial part of our writing work. I prefer to do the editing when I am at my best. I never choose a time when I am hassled or hard pressed for time to edit my writing. Sure, you need focus to write too, but more often than not we don’t get it right the first time and have to edit our writing eventually.

Do you prefer to write in the first-person narrative? Are all new writers enamored of this form of writing? Why do they like this? I too liked this form of writing when I started out as a writer. In this blog post, you will find reasons why a skilled writer should be adept at looking beyond this perspective from the experts at Malone Editorial Services.

As always, I conclude with a quote, this one from P D James: “Write what you need to write, not what is currently popular or what you think will sell.”