6 thoughts on “What’s This Book About?

  1. Well done Prem in getting your book, “It can’t be you”. published, I have always felt that the expression, “Everyone has a good book inside them” is a live truism. Maybe with a lot of patience and hard work, I will get mine written yet. Good luck for the future, you deserve it.

  2. You sure are full of surprises. Wouldn’t have associated you with the thriller genre, especially knowing what a huge P.G. Wodehouse fan you are. But of course, given your talent for telling a good story, I am sure your book will be unputdownable. Wish you fame and fortune all the way – may your book become a best seller, pick up awards, may Aamir Khan buy the rights for his next movie…



  3. Congratulations Prem! I am not surprised, although I would have expected some association with cricket or public school life. Hope it is a huge success.
    How do I get a first edition autographed? It may pay for my old age!!
    Jokes aside, I am sure it has been a lot of hard work and fame and fortune are just around the corner. Good luck with the press and public.

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