X for Xerox #A to Z Challenge

Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Xerox Corporation in Rochester, New York and so for me today X is for Xerox. This is a proper noun , one of the few I may add, which has become a generic word for a copyrighted name and one which has become so well-known as to be used as a verb!  “I’ll send you a Xerox” is as commonly heard as, ” I’ll Xerox this for you.”

Xerox was started some 75 years ago when Chester Carlson seventy-five years ago, Chester Carlson created an easier way to duplicate information on paper. Named “xerography,” his invention revolutionized how information is shared and, ultimately, how office work gets done. The process, like many others devised over the years by the Xerox Corporation has made our lives so much easier.

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