“Social Media For The Executive”: Brian E. Boyd, Sr.

Social media is fast enveloping our lives and there’s no getting away from it. Both professionally and personally, use of social media is sky rocketing by the day as more people jump into the fray to derive the benefits of a revolution whose time has come. Older people, both in business and in their own capacities, who were more skeptical a few years ago, now recognize that social media can give them benefits they had not imagined they would get earlier. Likewise, professionals and men and women in business see social media as a huge opportunity to communicate their brand and develop their business. Continue reading ““Social Media For The Executive”: Brian E. Boyd, Sr.”

John Shore on “The Platform”

As is often said these days, just writing a book is not enough. It is only one part of the story. The bigger challenge comes in selling it! We hear so much about the need for authors to have a “platform”. Here’s what award-winning author John Shore has to say about this in a recent article in The Huffington Post. I have been

Continue reading “John Shore on “The Platform””