“Assault From The Sky”: Dick Camp

I didn’t grow up in the US of those times, not did I grow up in North or South Vietnam. I grew up in the relative shelter of Madras in the South of India but as a kid  I was fascinated by the Vietnam War. Looking back at those times, some four decades later, I think some of the visual images  stayed in my mind, thanks to the pictures in “Life” magazine which we looked forward to most eagerly.

In this context, I was thrilled to recently read, “Assault from The Sky” by Dick Camp. The byline says, “US Marine Corps Helicopter Operations in Viet Nam.” This book was recently published in the US and Great Britain by Casemate Publishers.  Dick Camp himself is a war Veteran who won the Purple Heart and  served 26 years in the U.S. Marine Corps before retiring as a Colonel in 1988. Camp writes, “I wrote Assault from the Sky as a tribute to the U.S. Marine Corps helicopter aircrews that performed so heroically during the Vietnam War.  Their bravery and intrepidity throughout a decade of war set new standards of the Marine Corps motto Semper Fi, Always Faithful.” Continue reading ““Assault From The Sky”: Dick Camp”