Agent Query- A Comprehensive Resource

There are lists of literary agents, there are forums for you to participate in and there are a million useful things you can pick up by reading stuff at Agent Query. AQ Connect  takes you into a world where many like you share their problems, their views, their frustrations ( about writing , of course) and give you a lot of feedback.  Jump in and check it out.

I am glad I joined AQ Connect. It has got an easy sign up process and it’s for free. It’s one of those social networking sites whose value largely depend on how you use them. If you participate in the discussions and offer feedback to others, you are more likely to benefit from feedback from others. Even if you aren’t a major contributor, you can pick up a lot by studying the issues raised and what people think of different approaches.

The tips for writing a query and submitting a manuscript are particularly useful. At the end of the day, these are only pointers. You need to choose what works best for you. Your story, I am sure, is unique to you.

However, over time certain do’s and don’t s have been established in querying and submitting manuscripts which you will do well to understand and follow!

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