The Cover Drives Interest

If you are a well-known author of best sellers, this may not apply to you. People will flock to bookstores and actively look for your books. But what if you aren’t one? Or not yet, at any rate! Most people who browse around in a bookstore are first attracted to a book by its cover, aren’t they? This really drives interest for the book.

When we speak of cover design, we naturally include spine design too. As a matter of fact, readers would normally see the spine of the book first as they scan the book shelves. I leave the design for “It Can’t Be You” to those more experienced than me in such matters. The challenge will be to craft an image which captures the essence of so many pages.

Will a military-looking man with the distinctive broad-brimmed felt hat of the Gorkha Regiments find a place in the final image? I would throw in a sniper’s rifle complete with night -vision scope and silencer for good measure!

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