Children of A Better God

Just completed Susmita Bagchi’s “Children of A Better God” published by Penguin. I had the pleasure of attending the book launch for which the distinguished author and actor, Girish Karnad was the Chief Guest. A few extracts of the book were read by eminent theatre personality, Arundathi Nag, which made us all the more eager to get home and read the novel. The book is a very good read. It touches your heart and has moments of great poignancy.

It is the story of a special school for children with life long disabilities, principal among them being cerebral palsy. This is an affliction which is often misunderstood. Through her novel, Susmita deals with the subject with considerable deftness, balancing her deep interest in the subject with a need to project true empathy for those so afflicted as portrayed by the children in her story.

Adding greatly to the charm of the book are the paintings by the children of the Spastics Society of Karnataka. To think that they have been created by children who face so many problems for getting ahead in their every day lives is indeed heartwarming.

I put down the book with an important take away. If you think life is tough sometimes, spare a thought for those for whom life is relentlessly tough, every single day of their lives!

Having read this book, I have no doubt that you will do what you can to help institutions like the Spastics Society of Karnataka.

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