Warming Up for NaNo 2010

There she comes! NaNo 2010 is around the corner- just a little more than 10 days before we burst out of our starting blocks in the National Novel Writing Month, beginning November 1. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of NaNo last year. This post is useful to me as a reminder of things to do and not do. It could perhaps, be of help to others attempting NaNo too- especially those making their debut runs.

  1. Don’t edit as you go along: You can seldom be perfect the first time. The possibility of editing for improvements in your writing are endless. This process can take weeks- if not months. In the initial stages, go for numbers. Crunch out the words without going too much back into what you have written to make improvements. Your first goal- hit 50,000 words by end November. period.
  2. Be flexible: You may have a story idea before you actually start NaNo. Indeed, it’s useful to have one. But don’t get too caught up in your story line. Be flexible to explore new twists and turns that come to your mind as you write. Some of my best ideas for my complete novel happened this way!
  3. Use the forums: You aren’t alone. Not when there are thousands of people like you from all parts of the world trying to complete NaNo. I found the forums particularly useful. Make best use of the expertise available. Remember to share. Be a giver as well as a taker. What is obvious to you may not be so obvious to someone else.

Keep these points in mind and here’s wishing you every success!!

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