Twitter Hashtags

Increasingly many writers, authors, readers, literary agents and publishers amongst others use Twitter. To share their thoughts and ideas, develop new perspectives, keep track of trends and chat with other like-minded folk. Their tweets are looked forward to and one follow’s someone whose  thoughts, ideas etc we enjoy by way of their tweets. They in turn may choose to follow you if they find your tweets of interest.

In this mass of information which swirls every moment in this huge social networking and micro-blogging site, how on earth do you avoid getting swarmped? One useful way to cut to what you want to write or read is by using hashtags such as #writing. This leads you to every tweet about writing but excludes other topics making it easy for you to read what you want.

Here again, there are ever so many hashtags. You can make up your own as you go along.  I found this list of hashtags useful. It appears in Good Books in Bad Times -the HarperOne site.

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