Minor Characters

The world is not only made up of heroes and heroines. Every novel has its share of minor characters who shore up the story, who lend insight, who add to complexities or who just happen to be around when needed!

Introducing a few among them:

Bir Bahadur: Gorkha riflemen, Indian Army. Saved Lt. Belliappa’s life in the 1971 war. Stays on to become the faithful retainer of the family. The “fauji” (Army)version of a “Ramu Kaka” (arch-typical old servant) of the old Hindi movies!!

Mukesh: Pritam’s best friend at school. Named after a famous playback singer but can’t sing for nuts. Brilliant and dedicated to his goals. Works for Infosys Technologies at Bangalore

Alka: Pritam’s girl friend (??). Rich and spoiled as they come.


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