“Route 32”

Before I wrote my first novel, a psychological thriller called “It Can’t Be You”, I had written a few short stories. Like all my stories, they are set in India, where I have lived all my life. I am pleased to say that one of these short stories is to be featured in an anthology of short stories by men being published by Unisun Publications.

I might add that “Route 32”, the short story being published, is  one that I particularly liked. It is the story of a bus driver in Bangalore, where I live. I shall post more details about this anthology when I get more specific information.

6 thoughts on ““Route 32”

  1. Congratulations getting your story into the anthology! I’ve started submitting to anthologies, too. More rewarding than litmags that only get read by three people. And they even pay, sometimes.

    1. This story will soon appear in the anthology which I am told will be published around Sept-Oct 2011. In view of this, I am sorry it will not be appropriate for me to publish an extract here.

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