It Could Be You!!

A few flashes from the past yesterday led me to think of trying to capture who might have, if at all, influenced the characters in It Can’t Be You. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s more a collection of thoughts as they came by. Here goes…”Reggie” Rege perhaps came from a Col. Rege who I knew in the early 70’s. One of my School friends, an Old Lawrencian served in his Regiment.

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The Second Edition

The book is out. It receives all kinds of reviews, mostly favorable, thank God, and work begins on the second edition. A few things rush to my mind as I contemplate changes that need to be made in the next edition of my psychological thriller “It Can’t Be You”. It could be in a few weeks time or even in a few months time but the changes must be made.

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Jaipur Literature Festival

Everyone but everyone is speaking of JLF or to the uniatiated  the Jaipur Literature Festival. There are innumerable tweets about it. There are shows on national TV channels and the newspapers have reserved lots of space to report the highlights of this interesting literary feast. It is fast becoming South Asia’s leading literary event. It draws many associated with literature: writers, poets, lyricists, publishers and readers too of course from all parts of the world. Continue reading “Jaipur Literature Festival”

How Do You Manage Your WIP?

How do you manage your WIP? Do you have notes scattered all the place? Do you get bright ideas only to forget them some minutes later? Do you have to strain yourself to remember the facts you promised yourself you would check? I have finished about 54,000 words of my WIP- my second novel titled “Lucky For Some, Thirteen”.  My aim is to finish this novel with about 81,000 words.

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