Ideas for Characters

It’s quite fascinating how you can pick up ideas for your characters from almost anywhere! During my walk in the neighbourhood park a couple of days ago, I walked past a lady who was on the phone. As she spoke I noticed she had this habit of almost humming during the conversation. It went something like this ” You are to come tomorrow…hmmmmmm…..will you definitely come…..hmmmmmm……I will need to see you…hmmmmmmmmm”.

This struck in my mind and bingo! There I had a trait for one of the characters in the second novel that I am writing. Ideas flashed in my mind as to how best I could use this mannerism in my story. I quickly sorted out the various characters who could have this habit and decided on a particular person whom it would suit very well.

It is very interesting, isn’t it, that you pick up so much merely by observing people around you? I have no idea about the lady in the park. I have no idea why she has this habit. But it’s very noticeable and I wish to use it. The hapless lady in the park would probably not have a clue that she has provided me with such inspiration!!

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