Memorable Scenes

We were discussing the book, in a group of friends, when someone asked me a question which I knew would come sooner or later.  “Prem, you wrote the book and you must tell us which was the best scene for you”. This set me thinking. I hadn’t really thought of what might have been the “best scene” for me.

I didn’t think about this at all as I wrote the book but now that it is over, I guess these will rank amongst the most memorable for me:

  • Mandanna’s telling Belliappa about the Chinese War of 1962
  • Dinaz & Belliappa being introduced to the Maneckshaws
  • The fighting in the 1971 Indo-Pak war when Belli gets wounded
  • Post Master Hanumiah’s pleasure at his son Mukesh’s success

Oh, there were many more…but tell me, which were the ones that most appealed to you…


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