The Second Edition

The book is out. It receives all kinds of reviews, mostly favorable, thank God, and work begins on the second edition. A few things rush to my mind as I contemplate changes that need to be made in the next edition of my psychological thriller “It Can’t Be You”. It could be in a few weeks time or even in a few months time but the changes must be made.

Despite all my efforts, errors have crept in by way of typos. I have tried to capture all such errors. My friends who have read the book have helped by pointing out some errors which I might have missed myself.

Now that I have a few reviews, I would like to see comments about the book on the back cover. I was not able to get this done the first time around. I didn’t realize the importance of these blurbs at that time. I am better prepared now.

I am not sure whether the font size and the get up needs to be changed. I guess that’s the call of the publisher.

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