Creative Style

‘You must be a creative sort of chap” said someone I met at a party recently. He went on to say “You writers, poets and people like that are the creative types, aren’t you?”. That set me thinking. Is writing, like any other art form, all about creativity? Are we writers more creative than others? How do we use our creativity to enhance the quality of our output, be it a poem or a novel?I like to think I am as creative as the next guy but have no claims to being terribly creative. It was with great interest therefore that I saw this quiz in ‘Psychologies ” magazine. It was titled ” What’s Your Creative  Style?” Just 8 questions. I thought it was worth spending a few minutes on.

In my view as an author I use creativity to develop a plot and build credible and interesting characters. What does creativity in your trade mean to you?  If we allow our creativity to idle, over time, much like our muscles, it will weaken. Are you doing anything to improve it?

And yes, if you want to find out your creative style, why don’t you give this quiz a try?

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